Republic Acts 2014

Republic Act No. 10652

Republic Act No. 10649

Republic Act No. 10648

Republic Act No. 10647

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Approved on November 21, 2014: An Act strengthening the Ladderized Interface between Technical-Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education

Republic Act No. 10646

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Lapsed into law on November 8, 2014 without the signature of the President, in accordance with Article VI, Section 27 (1) of the Constitution.

Republic Act No. 10645

Republic Act No. 10640

Approved on July 15, 2014: An Act to further strengthen the anti-drug campaign of the government, amending for the purpose Section 21 of Republic Act No. 9165, otherwise known as the “Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002″.

Republic Act No. 10639

Approved on June 20, 2014: An Act mandating the telecommunications service providers to send free mobile alerts in the event of natural and man-made disasters and calamities.

Republic Act No. 10638

Approved on June 16, 2014: An Act extending the corporate life of the Philippine National Railways for another fifty (50) years, further amending for the purpose Republic Act No. 4156, as amended, entitled “An Act Creating the Philippine National Railways, prescribing its powers, functions and duties, and providing for the necessary funds for its operation”.

Republic Act No. 10637

Approved on June 16, 2014: An Act granting Cotabato Light and Power Company, a franchise to construct, install, establish, operate and maintain a distribution system for the conveyance of electric power to the end-users in the City of Cotabato and portions of the municipalities of Datu Odin Sinsuat and Sultan Kudarat, both in the Province of Maguindanao.

Republic Act No. 10635

Approved on March 13, 2014: An act establishing the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) as the single Maritime administration responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the 1978 International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, as amended, and international agreements or covenants related thereto.

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