is an integral part of the Quezon City Public Library. As part of its readers service, the LRS provide materials specifically for law education and the practice of law. It offers Law books and other Related Literature

. It Holds the Philippine Official Gazette, Republics Acts, Supreme Court Reports Annotated, etc. Local Ordinances and Resolutions. Lex Libris on CD-ROM can be locally access. LRS is located at the Main Library of the Quezon City Public Library.

 Here's Some Helpful  Links About Laws and Ordinances :
City Ordinances - we will be closing this site because of inconsistent updates please refer to the other links below
Official Gazette
Legis on the Web 
 Chan Robles Virtual Law Library
 The Phil-Law Project

For Law News and Updates Click this Link :News and Updates

 For Virtual Book Ordinances Click this Link: ORDINANCES
Republic Acts for 2013 Click This Link :R.A. 2013 R.A. 2013 (2) 
R.A. 2013 (3)

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