Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ordinance No. SP-2358, S-2014- Amending Ordinance No.SP-1104, Series of 2002 entitled, "An Ordinance establishing the Pedicab Regulatory Section under the Tricycle Regulatory Unit."

Ordinance No. SP-2357, S-2014- Providing for a Comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Policy on the Basis of Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE)

Ordinance No. SP-2355, S-2014 - Authorizing every Barangay in Quezon City to set aside at least one percent (1%) of their total Annual Budget and to allocate the same for the programs, projects, and activities for Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities.

Ordinance No.SP-2354, S-2014- Providing for the City's Annual Observance of the Solo Parent's Week which is celebrated on the third (3rd) week of the month of April of every year.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ordinance No. SP-2361, S-2014 - Requiring all persons acquiring Real Property in Quezon City or making improvements thereon to declare and file a Sworn Statement to the Office of the City Assessor for Real Property Taxation purposes such property within Sixty (60) days after its acquisition or upon completion/occupancy or installation of machineries whichever comes first and imposing penalties for violation thereof.

Ordinance No. SP-2362, S-2014- Providing Incentive to Taxpayers who pay their Business Tax for the Year 2015 with an increase of thirty percent (30%) or more than the whole year of 2014 Business Tax Payment from Audit and Examination of their Business and other pertinent records for the year 2014 only.

Ordinance No. SP-2363, S-2014- Granting relief to Real Property Taxpayers who have incurred more than five (5) years of Delinquent Real Property Taxes.

Ordinance No.SP-2364, S-2014- Creating the Quezon City small business development and promotion office (QC-SBDPO) defining its powers and functions, appropriating funds Therefor and for other purposes.

Ordinance No.SP-2365, S-2014- Regulating certain streets within the territorial jurisdiction of Barangay Immaculate Conception, Quezon City and providing penalties for violation thereof.

Ordinance No.SP-2329, S-2014- Granting and increasing to one thousand five hundred pesos (Php1,500.00) the quarterly rice assistance/subsidy of all Quezon City Hall Regular Employees starting on the quarter of its approval year 2014, and every year thereafter and appropriating funds thereof.

Ordinance No. SP-2356, S-2014- Adopting for the installation fixing and maintenance of Fire Hydrants in Quezon City.

Ordinance No. SP-2353, S-2014 - Utilizing five hundred (500) square meters of lot 6 block 13 (LRC) PCS-20076 covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. RT-21668 (284327), a property of Quezon City government, and authorizing the construction therein of a barangay center of Barangay Ugong Norte.

Ordinance No. SP-2352, S-2014 - Requiring all barangays of this city to designate at least two (2) Barangay Public Safety Officers (BPSO) as Traffic Enforcers who shall undergo Basic Traffic Management Seminars to be conducted by the Department of Public Order and Safety of Quezon City, and shall be authorized to issue Ordinance Violation Receipts (OVR).

Ordinance No. SP-2351, S-2014- Establishing a Senior Citizens' Desk in every Barangay in Quezon City to be Designated as "Barangay Senior Citizens' Desk".