Monday, June 15, 2015

Ordinance No.4670 S-1961 -Appropriating eight thousand eight hundred pesos for supplies and materials, water consumption in different public markets, and office supplies, under the office of The City Treasurer.

Ordinance No. 2470, S-1955 - Authorizing the reversion of three thousand eight hundred thirty eight pesos

Ordinance NO. 2515, S-1955 - Approving supplemental budget Nos. 92 and 93 as submitted by the City Treasurer appropriating ten thousand pesos representing part of the balance of eighty six thousand one hundred seventy five pesos still to be provided by this City for the maintenance of existing and unbounded city streets and bridges for the current fiscal year pursuant to the provision of Republic Act No. 917.

Ordinance No. 2514, S-1955 - Further amending Ordinance No. 2466 current series such that the amount of two hundred pesos set a side therein for the installation of a public faucet at Malapad Street corner Bernardo Avenue San Francisco Del Monte this City shall be taken from pre war deposit funds of this City.

Ordinance No. 46, S-1939 - Appropriating the amount of three hundred pesos from any funds of this City not otherwise appropriated to cover the painting of the market and other repair of the toilet in San Francisco Del Monte this City.

Ordinance No. 55, S-1939 - Appropriating the amount of Three Hundred Six Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Two Pesos for the necessary expenses of the Government of Quezon City during the Fiscal Year from July 1, 1940 to June 30, 1941 and for other purposes.