Wednesday, September 19, 2012



A. CD ASIA Subscription

Bangko Central ng Pilipinas - contains a compilation of laws and issuances related to banking, an iIndex of laws and issuan ces, the BSP Manual of Regulations for Banks and Financial Intermediaries, as well as BSP Memorandum Circulars, orders, Letters, Notices and Regulations

Department of Justice Opinion of the Secretary - The opinions of the Secretary of Justice, dating back to 1939

Environment and Natural Resources - contains comprehensive collection of laws and statutes, presidential issuances, and jurisprudence related to the environment, as well as policy issuances and decisions, permits, licenses and tenurial instruments gathered from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and its agencies

Family Laws -

Jurisprudence - 1901 to present - The decisions of the Supreme Court, since 1901, constitute the third volume of the series. Patterned after the Philippine Reports, this CD ROM publication also contains the text of available case syllabi and synopses and over 35,000 judicial opinions.

Labor and Social Legislation A compilation of labor laws, jurisprudence and issuances, including materials from the Department of Labor and its related agencies.

Local Autonomy and Local Government - Contains a topical compilation of jurisprudence promulgated by the Supreme Court, as well as policy instructions issued by the Constitutional Commissions and 30 government agencies and offices.

Philippine Law Encyclopedia - The most comprehensive compilation of Philippine laws and statutes on CD-ROM, with in-depth and up-to-date analyses and annotations of over 5,000 laws and statutes. It includes a subject index, case doctrines and the original and "living" versions of laws and statutes, with hyper-linking of related issuances for greater ease of use.

Philippine Taxation Encyclopedia - The most complete collection of taxation-related jurisprudence, statutes, laws and administrative issuances, with a section-by-section cross-referencing, analysis and annotation of the National Internal Revenue Code. It contains the widest coverage of issuances of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, local and international tax-related materials, a subject index and case digests.

Securities and Exchange Commission - A compilation of Opinions, En Banc, SICD and PED Decisions of the Security and Exchange Commission. Also features SEC orders, rules and regulations, circulars and memoranda as well as related laws, jurisprudence and executive issuances.

Trade Commerce and Industries - A collection of references on Trade, Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Insurance and Intellectual Property that include pertinent laws, jurisprudence and issuances of the Department of Trade and Industry, Board of Investments, Department of Finance, Bureau of Customs, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Philippine Stock Exchange and other related agencies.